Talend Promoting Altyrex?


I am cross posting this here as I would like to understand this better from Talend’s perspective. I went looking for Talend pricing and number of seats they might sell and came across their blog. Their blog (with the quote nicely laid out in the above link) screams Alteryx without actually naming them.

Talend may be doing two things here. (1) Talend has a product that can fill the citizen scientist need, or (2) Talend is telling enterprises to get these citizen data scientist tools so that they will have more demand to organize the data in the first mile, and thus buy more Talend seats as well. I really do not know which is accurate.

What I do know is that Talend is laying out precisely why Alteryx product is so critical to business success. Unusual to find that from a company that in some respects competes with AYX, and the author of the blog was probably not even thinking of AYX when he wrote it.

Anyone know if Talend has such a product?