Tampa, Florida, and Catastrophe pornography vs. needed Horror example

It looks like the maximal nightmare of storm surge is likely, with the hurricance hitting so its onshore winds blow huge surge up the bay.

Last night there was a chance the hurricane would not do that, and I was chagrined to notice that I had been hoping it would do that – that it is Critically Important for people to See the full Horror of the vulnerabilities we are still ignoring re GCC, land use patterns, and on and on.

My ethics are divided. If an awakening does not happen soon then the catastrophes will likely be far far greater in ten years than those we may see in the next ten hours.

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The millennials are taking over. Their attitude is correct, the baby boomers are completely full of something.


Hi GenX here.

First latchkey kids, first video gamers, entered workforce at beginning of internet age, yet remember faxes, pagers, and landlines. We had the best music, the best style. We are Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller. We are both the 84 Cubs and Bartman/03 Cubs, and we take credit for the 2016 champs, too. It doesn’t bother us if a woman works or is stay-at-home. We are the Jordan Bulls and don’t sweat Rodman in a dress. We invested thru the dotcom boom/bust and the GFC, and we were working the whole time, too.

Winona Ryder. We have had, like, 17 guys play Batman. Nothing fazes us.

In short, we are the best of both worlds. Like Van Hagar.

Boomers and Millennials (and GenZers) can all take a hike and go bowling.
As you were.



One of the local Detroit TV stations sent their weather girl to Florida to add to the hysteria.


I so wish there was a HAHAHAHA button!!

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As a cusp Gen Xer I’m right with ya. Too young to “appreciate” 60s sitcoms or dealing with Vietnam/'68. A little too old for Spice Girls and gangsta rap. Gonna challenge you on Van Hagar being best of both worlds but other than that yeh we had the best music. We are the '75 Red Sox, the '86 Red Sox and the '83 - '92 Patriots & Bruins - which is why every year of TB12 was sorely deserved.


Yeah I am a cusp kid as well, 63. Last of the four million babies per year possibly my sister’s year 64.

The millennials own this now. I look at the baby boomers and think what the hell went wrong? The flower children trying to kill everything and anything for a buck. Hurting themselves more than anything else. Seeing that in full and doubling down. Figuring out how to make lies into believable things. News flash most lies are not recreating Santa Claus.

As the guys at the club have gone last year from “its a hoax” to “now it is here” this summer. Even those guys are woke. Never thought I’d see it. A life time of being honest rewarded with a big, “oh, this is bad” by the barflies.