Taxable vs non-taxable purchases

I am in the middle of re balancing my portfolio and have a mixture of accounts most of which are non taxable (401k, IRA, ROTH), but one that is.

When buying and selling stock I have not put any consideration into tax issues because all the accounts I trade in are non-taxable, but now I have a sizable amount of cash in the taxable account that I need to start using for buying and selling.

When considering your stock purchases do you choose particular stocks for your taxable account vs non-taxable? Beyond the obvious long/short term holding period.

In very basic terms, for me at least:

Stocks that throw off dividends that I don’t plan to reinvest automatically… those go into IRA-type accounts. If you’re going to set it to auto-reinvest, it matters less because those distributions aren’t taxed as much (if at all, depending on the account type).

Stocks that don’t throw off dividends can go anywhere, more or less (brokerage, 401(k), IRA, Roth IRA, etc.).

Stocks that I might trade in and out of, I’d aim to put somewhere the trading fees/commissions would be as little as possible for obvious reasons.

I have violated those rules many times for various reasons, of course.

Keep in mind some mutual funds throw off dividends as well, and they will be separated into short-term and long-term, each of which will be treated differently tax-wise… depending on what kind of account they’re sitting in.

If you’re doing options trading, assume those proceeds (like selling puts) will be treated the same as ordinary income, so if you can do that inside a tax-advantaged account all the better (note that I’ve only ever done this in a brokerage account).

Summary: I am not a tax advisor or a lawyer, but you would be wise to consult on.