TBs Added

Now just yesterday I got the entire roster - with the exception of MNDY, back down to normal allocations.

But - with the market giving me some opportunity I topped off:


With TBs - albeit with the smaller 10% ones based on the all-to-real potential that the market may go lower before it goes higher; which, leaves room for a second round of TBs should that occur. After that I am in Hunker Down territory until the all clear sounds.

Still looking at BILL today but cognizant of its massive run-up after its pristine ER. Bill was trading at $156 or so on 1/27 and then subsequent to its ER - then in just a couple of weeks it ran up to $256 or so. Today it’s slumming around the $220 level. Might take a 1/2 Starter position but would feel much much better about it if it dipped below $210. Oh well - in for a penny/in for a pound I suppose.

All the Best,

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