TB Disposal Group

Took advantage of the market today to dispose of some of the TBs I purchased yesterday:

  1. DDOG for a gain of +4.61%

  2. S for a gain of +4.57

  3. ZS for a gain of +4.32%

  4. CRWD for a gain of +6.62%

Nothing else has changed in the overall allocations or positioning on the portfolio roster but I am considering adding a few names back:

GLBE and DOCN. GLBE has been savaged and although I haven’t been inclined to try and catch a bottom here I might add it to the roster with a Scout Team position based largely on commentary from BERT. As for DOCN - it seems to be holding up fairly well and a consistent revenue growth record plus seemingly market sentiment in its favor might work out also.

SNOW reported a few minutes ago and the market has immediately smacked it upside the head: Down about 13-14% or so. Might add some if it keeps staggering around after hours. Maybe…maybe not.

Lastly - UPST is still taking a lot of heat and investor/analyst sentiment seems to have cratered - in that, how could it get much worse? Thinking about it but holding a semi-firm no for now.

All the Best,