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For those TDOC owners check out this Aetna web page if you have not already seen it:…

It promotes the benefits of TDOC telemedicine.

Aetna has ~ 22M medical members, 1.2M medical professionals and 690K primary care doctors and specialists at 5700 hospitals.

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A guy who used Teladoc yesterday morning raved about how it went. I retweeted his short thread which expands my knowledge about Teledoc. Be sure to pick up on his not having to co-pay vs. having to put down $175 up front for an Urgent Care type visit in person.

"A fine first-hand testimonial on the beauty of using Teladoc:


Anyone thinking telemedicine is going away after we conquer the scourge of COVID is not paying attention. Read Caleb’s thread to discover the benefits not offered by the traditional doctor’s office or Urgent Care visits:"


That is a great example and great testimonial. 15 minutes total time with TDOC. If he had to go through the traditional path it would have been something like:

Call to make appointment - 5 to 10 minutes
Wait until day of appointment - 1 to 5 days
Drive to appointment - 10 to 30 minutes
Check in and wait in waiting room for Dr. - 10 to 20 minutes
Time with Dr. - 10 to 20 minutes
Drive home - 10 to 30 minutes

Total “active” time = 45 minutes (best case) to 110 minutes (worst case)
Total waiting time = 1 to 5 days

AND it’s cheaper with TDOC BY A LOT!!!

After using AMZN, would you ever go to the store for something you don’t have an urgent need for? I play disk golf with my son. I recently wanted a new disk. I could have driven to a store (that has a very limited selection) and spent 30 to 40 minutes + gas + wear and tear on my car + going out in the cold, etc… Or, I could do what I did - look on AMZN, have a bazillion disks to choose from, find exactly what I wanted, press “click to order” and go back to reading Saul’s board posts while I wait for my disk to come to me. Will I EVER go to a store to shop for a disk again? NOOOO!!!

Will the guy in this example EVER go to a dermatologist office again for a non-life threatening issue? NOOOO!!!

Will telehealth continue to grow? YESSSS!!!

A lot? YESSS!!!

Who is the 800 lb gorilla in telehealth?


15 minutes total time with TDOC

How easy is it for “Joe Average” to confirm insurance coverage? My health policy has doctors lists for in and out of network… but a random web tele-doctor… I’m not sure how that gets handled. What was your experience wrt billings?

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You enter your insurance info when you register, just like you would if you visited a new clinic.


They make the process of using TDOC seamlessly. By signing into your insurance website, if your plan already has a contract with TDOC then you just sign up for your appointment through the website and when I did it, I didn’t have to make a payment or anything. It was completely free and could be unique due to COVID and having less appointments in normal doctors offices. Or could just be part of plans that insurance companies have used. This was through a Blue Shield plan. It allowed me to pick when I wanted the appointment and it is super easy/super quick. Overall ended up going into a doctors office due to it being an eye issue and couldn’t really be done via video, but was an easy start/process to at least find out in a good 15 minute experience compared to the other process.