TDOC / LVGO - conference news

This was shared by Richard Chu on twitter:

"From the HLTH 2020 Conference:
$LVGO announced a partnership with $TDOC client Guidewell Health to bring Livongo for Diabetes to 50,000 Florida Blue members under their cross-selling agreement.
After they signed the agreement, the sales process was “greatly accelerated”.
If we factor in a 35% 12-month enrollment rate, that’s already 17,500 more Livongo members.
Just another example of why the potential synergies are understated, and that’s on top of the 40-45% pre-synergy sales growth next year."


Here’s the Livongo press release about the GuideWell (a Teladoc client) partnership.…

There is so much to be excited about here, as this is just the first announced cross selling opportunity being created/accelerated. Florida Blue is a GuideWell subsidiary, just this one subsidiary of this one deal is going to be huge for Livongo as AK70 pointed out.

And from the “about Guidewell” section…The GuideWell enterprise serves 27 million people in 35 states…

How about when GuideWell sees the benefits (savings) the Livongo platform provides and decides to roll out the Livongo product to the rest of their enterprise?

Think of all the other cross selling and international opportunities available with the Teladoc/Livongo merger. I don’t know that any will show up in the soon to be released quarter’s numbers (or even if they will be broken out separately anymore), but Livongo was growing at 120% before the merger, as these deals start to come in, that number is going to accelerate!

And it looks like this news is finally getting the market to see this merger as a good thing, as both (obviously, as they’re connected now) stocks are up 7% today.

Glad to have this as my top position, long LVGO/TDOC.