Technology of the Coming Decade?

Motley Fool is advertising a new service that will reveal the technology of the 2020s. They mention the technologies of some previous decades, including the internet decade, ecommerce, iphone, etc. Hoping for returns like we saw with Apple, Netflix and Amazon.

They think they have the next one and you can find out by joining this new service after watching their teaser on 1/22 at 9am.

Lowell McAdam, CEO of Verizon says “[this technology] is the third wave of the digital revolution.” A search shows he said “Cloud Computing…”

Forbes says “[This Technology] Is Eating The World”. The Article headline is “Software Is Eating The World, But Services Are Eating Software”, they go on to say that companies are buying software as a service instead of buying the software (big duh for this board).

Just as software disrupted the infrastructure market by putting virtualization and automation layers over infrastructure, businesses are now turning that into a service. That’s what hyperscale cloud offerings from Amazon, Google and Microsoft are. So, services are eating software.…

So none of this is new to this board or to Rule Breakers, so what’s up? Well in a rule breakers podcast they talked about a new service coming out in January that concentrates on the supply chain to the could. MDB, AYX, PAYC, NOW, TWLO, etc are SaaS companies we own and follow. Supply chain might include VMware, Nutanix (NTNX), NVIDA and other chip makers, fiber component makers, memory chip makers, Arista Network (ANET), and other companies we have owned and talked about. Typically MF will have a meta service like this and draw pretty much from existing picks in their universe with the occasional outsider. This is being run by a team “hand picked” by Tom Gardner, so you if you are a member of some of his non-Stock Advisor services you likely have seen a few of these picks already.

I intend to listen, but don’t intend to join and would certainly not reveal any picks here. Good to know they are going a level below the cloud and gives us some things to look for.



And this was part of the teaser.…

Amazon cloud boss targets Microsoft’s core business, eyes $3.7 trillion enterprise IT market

Jassy made Amazon’s larger ambitions clear at the outset of his address, citing market research that shows 97 percent of the $3.7 trillion IT market is still on premises, in corporate servers and data centers, and not yet in the cloud. Jassy made it clear that this is where Amazon will be looking for its future growth, through new cloud workloads and software migrated from traditional IT environments.

Translation, If you think there is a lot going on in the cloud now, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Jassy also described the broader shift away from traditional mainframes and databases to the cloud, and the IBM and Oracle logos were included along with Microsoft in a depiction of technologies moving out of a house, with Amazon boxes waiting to be moved in…
assy unveiled a series of new AWS technologies for databases, fraud detection, automation of code review, enterprise search and many other scenarios, with a heavy focus on machine learning as the underlying technology powering the new capabilities…
Wrapping up his keynote, Jassy called the move to the cloud “the most titanic shift that we’ve seen in technology in our lifetime” — cautioning that companies will fall behind if they don’t adjust, and promising that they will have the opportunity to achieve once-in-a-lifetime advances if they do

Eyes open, the cloud in not going away. Watch for those smaller companies that help get on-premise IT out to the cloud (e.g. NTNX?)


Thanks Pete…
Why does he leave out STOCK ADVISOR.Am subscriber for 2-3 years, at least. J