Terrorist attack in Moscow

ISIS has claimed responsibility.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack late on Friday, in a post on Telegram in which the group claimed its gunmen had managed to escape afterwards. A US official said Washington had intelligence confirming Islamic State’s claim.

Photos showed Crocus City Hall engulfed in flames as videos emerged showing at least four gunmen opening fire with automatic weapons as panicked Russians fled for their lives.

In one clip, three men in fatigues carrying rifles fired at point-blank range into bodies strewn about the lobby of the concert hall.


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I just don’t get it. What’s the point of IS attacking Russia? I could understand if it was Chechens. But…IS-K? Why?

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Because it’s Russian Orthodox?

As much as I want to see Russia defeated in the war with Ukraine I cannot condone terrorist attacks.

The Captain

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ISIS has done other attacks on Russia in the last 10 years. Here is a report from 2019:

2019 Terrorist Incidents: On January 11, three apparent terrorists attacked officers of Russia’s road patrol service near the village of Agachaul, Karabudakhentsky District in the Republic of Dagestan. The suspects opened fired on law enforcement officers with automatic rifles before being killed by the authorities. The authorities reportedly found additional weapons and ammunition in the suspects’ car. Additional attacks included:

  • On March 13, two suspects in the Shpakov district in Stavropol opened fire with automatic weapons and threw a grenade when stopped by the Federal Security Service (FSB) for questioning. The suspects were killed onsite. Russian authorities reported the perpetrators were affiliated with ISIS and had been planning a terrorist attack.
  • On April 8, there was an explosion at Kolomna, near Moscow. ISIS later claimed responsibility for the attack, which reportedly did not result in any casualties.
  • On July 1, a man killed a police officer with a knife at a checkpoint in the Achkhoy-Martonovsky district of Chechnya. The police shot and killed the attacker as he threw a grenade at them. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.
  • On December 19, a Moscow region resident opened fire near the FSB headquarters in Moscow and killed two security officers and wounded four others. The shooter was killed onsite. The attacker was later identified as Yevgeny Manyurov, a 39-year-old former security guard.



According to a NYT story the US government had warned Russia that something was in the works. The story doesn’t go into how the information was received or acted upon.


Russia supports Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria and is assisting in fighting ISIS there.


Thanks, @syke6, that explains it.


18th - 19th Century Czarist Russia was a dangerously aggressive Imperialist power pushing into historically Muslim lands. 20th Century Soviet Russia was the same but atheist to boor. Putin’s Russia continues the tale but in an even uglier nastier mode (including turning Orthodoxy into a politically manipulated cult).

What’s NOT to hate for a Muslim cult centered in the Islamic holy lands?

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Tragedy. I’m very concerned about Putin taking advantage and escalating his war on Ukraine. The spin is already happening to suggest Ukrainian involvement.


Yup, what I was thinking. That war as sort of gotten lost in the shuffle, hasn’t it?



Ukraine is not involved and Putin lies just like Trump and Netanyahu.


Reports on the wire say the perps were trying to make their way to Ukraine. From Moscow, what are their options for an escape route? Belarus? Not a chance. They would be handed over to Putin in a heartbeat. That leaves Latvia, Estonia, or Finland. Eyeballing the map, looks like Latvia would be about as far from Moscow as Ukraine.

Of course, as jaagu said, who takes everything Putin says at face value? We USians remember how various regimes here have tried to blame everything on whoever was the boogyman of the moment.



How would he do that?


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By suggesting that Ukraine was involved in the attack, he’s already done that.

From two weeks ago:

The warning came after Russia’s FSB security service said an ISIS cell operating in Russia’s Kaluga region — as part of the Afghan arm, known as ISIS-Khorasan — was plotting to massacre Jewish worshippers at a synagogue in Moscow.

The British Embassy in Moscow quickly shared the warning, while advising U.K. nationals to avoid “all travel to Russia.” By Friday, at least six other nations had joined in warning their citizen about the alleged threat—including Canada, Germany, Sweden, South Korea, Latvia and the Czech Republic.

On Tuesday at a meeting with senior Federal Security Service officers, Putin hit out at “frankly, provocative statements” by Western officials earlier this month warning of a possible imminent terrorist attack in the city. “All this resembles outright blackmail and the intention to intimidate and destabilize our society,” the president told Russia’s main internal security service, known as the FSB.



Sounds like he’s as clueless as George Bush. I hope he doesn’t invade Bolivia.


If he did get intel reports ( I believe it) and he did actually say this it sounds like he can spin this to look like a “Western Block False Flag” operation. They warned of an attack. I scoffed at them. Attack “suspiciously” happens exactly when they said it would. How gullible are the Russian people? Does it matter?

The other headline to watch for is the head of the FSB (or some other department) getting drunk and falling off a 10th story balcony while on vacation.

They wouldn’t be foolish enough to fly on a chartered plane, would they?



Every ounce of blood and every brick crushed in Ukraine is a compounding Russian terror attack. Very purposely terror.

It is not just Ukraine or Chechnya…this will stretch as far as Putin can stretch it into other nations. All of it terror.

And more and more terror from Putin against the Russian people. Xi doing worse to every person in China.

Rocking Moscow is necessary. A very high percentage of the former Soviet Union was Muslim. All of today’s events are not so innocent.

The US, EU and UK must take this as a wake up call. Depending on how we align ourselves we can be saved some horrible violence.

Russia does not deserve sparing. The Russian people need to decide to stop being cowards put down as dogs by Putin.

Xi even worse.

This is our battle. It is a world battle. This is a cold war.

Iran is an interesting player in this. What does Russia or Putin do now? The nested dolls keep Iran and Russia nested together within but Putin must be recalculating his Middle Eastern policy. He is playing this off as Ukraine but he is not going to miss this is Muslim sentiment.

This is foretelling. Russia will regain Muslim nations that were in the Soviet block if Putin keeps succeeding. It is going to come with many pounds of flesh and anger. Why not tell Moscow we will reach you?

Specific to Afghanistan there was an NPR news blurb on the country and Russia having problems with the Taliban. It is vague to me but something was up and now this.

Hopefully, Ukrainians begin to tear Moscow and St. Petersburg to shreds. It is time for Russians to pay. They want a strong Russia? Burn it down.

You think Putin would fret about a couple hundred other passengers if a person he wanted to snuff was on a commercial airliner?