Tesla, have your dramamine handy?

Last night, with tongue firmly in cheek, I wondered what if a “thought leader” proposed outlawing EVs tonight.

Tonight, a “thought leader” said this:

“On day one I will terminate (some guy’s) electric vehicle mandate,”

Why would that actually happen? The oil industry doesn’t want EVs. The big three, who are narrowing their product lines to only the largest, most expensive, models, which are irrelevant in the world outside of North America, can charge just as much for a gas powered car, without spending all the money and effort to reinvent what they build, don’t want EVs. The autoworkers, who are convinced EVs mean the loss of thousands of “jobs” don’t want EVs. Seems the only people who want EVs are the ones with a decision horizon more than ten years out.


It should be noted (and I just read your excerpt) that he didn’t plead with ‘union members’ as his speech was at a non-union company. A very bad and misleading intro sentence for the Great and Respected New York Post!



I am not worried about it.

Being on the wrong side of history will get anyone’s ambitions crushed. There are few exceptions if any at all.

All of this is about economics and the bottom line.

There are people making big, dumb claims with no idea what they are doing or discussing.

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Or, as suggested, how long a person’s decision horizon is. The “thought leader” has been taking an anti-EV stance for some time, because EVs are requiring management to invest and change how they build vehicles, and hurting oil industry prospects. As has been happening in the UK, if you focus on the short term, putting a fork in any sort of “green” initiative will be popular.

I see Mr Market seems to be shrugging off last night’s comments wrt Tesla.


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I wonder how Musk sees his free speech at this moment.

Stopping his free speech is on the table.

“Thought leaders” come and go. Tesla is here to stay [for a while].

BTW, Elon Musk said that EV subsidies are required [no longer] .

Wile E. Shakes said it best, “Much Ado About Nothing.”

The Captain


Anyone who quotes Wile is okay with me.

Beep Beep!!

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