Tesla Reports Earnings

Tesla reported earnings today. For shame got almost no attention in this category.

Best thread seems to be on Destiny Solutions. https://discussion.fool.com/t/barrons-tsla-tesla-could-be-a-zombie-stock-as-interest-rates-rise/78537

The earnings report was boring, just as expected 50% y/y revenue growth and close to 100% y/y earning growth.

BTW the Trainer article that stoked the Tesla Zombie Apocalypse narrative is a Mile High Pile of Steaming BS (MHPoBS). Saw it at Seeking Alpha.

Summary: Tesla is growing revenue at 50% y/y and earnings at over 50% y/y and you can buy it at a forward P/E of 50, the bargain of the century. The rest is click bait.

The Captain


The stock market is called a ‘secondary’ market. The ‘primary’ market is where founders get money from investors. In return the investors get receipts called ‘stocks’ which are negotiable on stock exchanges. There is a ‘tertiary’ market where a self appointed priesthood of gurus, advisers, click-baiters, reporters, analysts, uTubers, financial experts, pension funds, ETFs, index funds, mutual funds, and others take a bite out of investors profits. They have their circus hawkers, like Trainer.

Unfortunately for many of us we are too emotionally attached to our stocks and easy pray for the priesthood.