Tesla solar roof tiles

Anybody remember the PV roof shingles from SolarCity? (SolarCity nearly went into bankruptcy back in 2016 but Elon bailed out his relatives by having Tesla buy the company).

That installation rate falls well shy of Tesla’s guidance and ambitions for what it previously called its “solar glass” roof tiles. Wood Mackenzie notes that in late 2019 the company said it was aiming to manufacture 1,000 Solar Roofs weekly, and to install 1,000 per week in the first half of 2020…

Tesla hit a high of 32 average weekly installations in the U.S. in the first quarter of last year, according to the study…

While Tesla intended to manufacture all of its solar roof tiles initially, it has instead procured photovoltaic glass from Chinese supplier, Almaden. Residential roofing company GAF Energy began manufacturing and selling a competing solar shingle to residential roofers in 2022.


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The Tesla solar roof is absurdly expensive. I check the price every few months and it seems to keep going up and up. Very few people would opt for it when compared to traditional panels that cost about a quarter the price or less.