Tesla: What to expect from Project Highland

Musk has made it clear that the objective is to cut costs in half, the only way to achieve annual sales of 20 million cars by 2030 and that means revolutionizing the manufacturing process.

The linked video is musings about what Tesla’s 3rd Gen platform might be. I didn’t think it would happen so soon.

FULLY GIGACAST NEW TESLA Pi :rocket: Elon’s 3rd Gen platform out next month paves way to Alien Dreadnought

The Captain


So…that offsets the CFO quitting?


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Repair costs will be…??? Or does it essentially require replacement with a new vehicle? Price of Tesla insurance? ROFLMAO !!!

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The Captain


Sandy Munro answered that question well over a year ago. Look it up.

So did the folks at the ICE incumbents until they got their 'A’s handed to them.

The Captain


Jerry and Steve

Really, Captain and Tesla have the goods on this one, especially well displayed in the Sandy Munro (no pushover he) analysis of the amazing structure of the car and its debits and credits, and with implications for how all autos must now compete. Fascinating.

david fb


Thanks @flyerboys. I wasn’t going to do the research for them but, well…

The Captain


You didn’t notice the dump the stock took the other day?

Noticed or not (I did notice) TSLA is a buy and forget stock. When I want to trade I do covered calls.

The Captain


I noticed.
I read a couple sensationalized “OMG! TESLA OMG!” cause there was no real information. It was just screamers sensationalizing a sound bite.
I watched 3 or 5 YouTube, some are TSLA fanbois, a couple are TSLA shorts.

I find both sides to be deep in their biases.

Ultimately, Zach’s departure will be a non issue for TSLA. But right now the hype machine is using it to create volatility.

TSLA ain’t alone. Many many tech stocks have dumped the last 3 trading days.

It’s an opportunity to BTD (buy the dip), if that’s your style.

I was Put some TSLA, last Friday. I woulda closed or rolled, but I decided to accept the assignment.
I’m sanguine about those shares yesterday and today.
5 years from now, I’ll be happier. Or, perhaps I’ll be asking to sleep in a card board box, out by your back fence?



TIG welding to repair the main casting. Be interesting to see if it works.

That is what the media does. One piece I read talked about the huge payout the guy will receive. Something like $170M?? Thing is, for people really interested in the money, they tend to stay at it, to make the stack even larger.

Story time: I hired in to Office Depot near the end of their “GOGO” phase, in 93. Through the late 80s/early 90s OD had a 2 for 1 split, and two or three 3 for 2 splits. Mark Begelman, one of the two honchos of the company quit in 95. In 96, the other honcho, Dave Fuente, tried to sell OD to Staples. In 97, the FTC blocked the merger. Fuente left OD in 2000. OD has been referred to as a “troubled company” since 2000, and frequently appears on lists of “stores that may soon disappear”. A few years ago, OD had a 1 for 10 reverse split.

What got me out of Compaq was seeing the CFO dump every share he had. A couple weeks later, the company admitted that it had, again, stuffed the distribution channels, and the stock tanked.

Ya pays yer money, and ya takes yer chances.



Very good video. If you like cars it is well worth a watch.



And even more so if, like me, you do not give a rat’s patootie about cars but care passionately about passionate quality engineering. Elon Musk is a monster that I want to keep far far away from (even in the old pre-twit days), but he practices intensely brilliant far sighted engineering. The SpaceX venture takes me back to my childhood hanging out with the crazy guys (my Dad’s colleagues) at Huntsville and Cape Canaveral who created everything from the Redstone through to the staggeringly ambitious Apollo V during just 15 years…

NASA’s move to Houston coincided with its falling prey to Bread and Circuses politics and the necessity of playing to the mob, crap vision, crap design, and vast vampirage by the corporations building the equipment. The scandalous loss of the Challenger Space Shuttle (mostly insanely bad from its sloppy conception through design and execution) was NOT a surprise to those who were watching closely.

Quality of design and construction was and is crux to it all, and was why the USA left Russia far back in the dust in the race to the moon. Quality is what Musk does with both his missiles and his automobiles.

david fb