TFG Weights In On The Saint & $TWTR

Oh man, this is rich! :joy:…

Weirder and weirder…

That’s what you get when you have to scrape the bottom of the barrel, an opinion I have held for well over two decades.

Denny Schlesinger

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Denny, there is no hotter topic on Twitter now than $TWTR itself. I’ve seen well-known journalists posting conspiracy theories about this purchase out of the QAnon playbook.

I know a guy, a young man in his 30s, who is joining a class-action lawsuit against Musk because Musk hid his 9% purchase of $TWTR shares later than the SEC allows. This young man sold his CALLs on $TWTR the day Musk finally announced his 9% purchase of shares - not through the required SEC form (which came late) - but where else? Twitter!

This kid put his screenshot of the calls he sold prematurely that day on Twitter, which made this all the more surreal. Had he held on just a few more hours, he would have been able to retire. And I’m sure he would have posted a screenshot of that big win and placed that on Twitter to prove his genius.

And then, on the other hand, are the $TWTR shorts who got burned and ran to close their positions. They are suing $TWTR - not Musk - for not divulging just how bad the board had been at odds with Jack and Musk over the way Twitter was marketed and trying to raise revenues. I don’t even - hell, I can’t even - understand half their accusations as the talk is way over my head. These burned shorts talk “black pools” of money controlling the board, Bitcoin purchases by Jack on and off Twitter’s books, Musk’s 4:00 AM gamma squeezes from some island in the Caribbean, etc. And now $TWTR is trading below where most of these folks would have banked, and well, there is just no end to their crying on Twitter.

With Musk’s latest announcement yesterday, fireworks erupted everywhere. I just read some of the comments from yesterday a bit ago and realized the threads are exponentially lengthening faster than I can read. And at this time of the morning, the new thread responses are still propagating more quickly than I can read. It’s nuts. Crazy. Way out there.

Here’s one of many theories passed on by journalists. This is Carl Quintanilla of CNBC:…

A cynical take: was it all a ploy to sell $TSLA shares — after saying for years that his money would be “last out” — and if the deal doesn’t go thru, what happens to the cash he built?

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Heidi N. Moore
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…and it’s far more likely that El*n, who lies all the time about his financial intentions, did this to unlock $8 billion of T S L A stock that he otherwise would have had limits on selling.

My note: Carl should have put in quotations (“I’m just asking a question.”)

Meanwhile, right from the CNBC website we have the following:…

Elon Musk can’t just walk away from his deal to acquire Twitter by paying an agreed-upon $1 billion breakup fee. It’s not that simple.

Musk tweeted Friday that he has decided to put his acquisition of Twitter “on hold” as he researches whether the amount of fake/spam accounts on Twitter is actually just 5%, as the company has long claimed.

He followed that tweet with another reiterating that he is still committed to the acquisition.

I’m not an Elon fan, but I admire how he helped out Ukraine by sending Starlink dishes as quickly as possible. Begrudgingly, I hand another thing to Elon Musk: he has put the fear of Zeus in the remaining troops who have not already quit $TWTR.

These same folks had years to fix Twitter. I’ve seen polls on Twitter with over 99% of respondents begging for an edit function.

The edit button doesn’t have to be like Facebook, which is forever open to an OP writer. This is Twitter. Twitter is speed writing and quick bursts of thoughts and one-liners. So give us a stopwatch ticking from 90 seconds down for everyone to edit a post.

I’d be willing to bet if $TWTR gave us a 90-second edit function (meaning you post, you realize a typo or lousy syntax, where you have those 1 and 1/2 minutes to correct) that many gibberish tweets would not need deleting. I’ve realized a post has one word misspelled, but I would have to re-write it again from scratch, deleting retweets and likes.

With 90 seconds for corrections, famous people with millions of followers will make posts, and you can bet readers will screenshot them immediately. If a renowned person edits their original tweet, it will make twitter all the more fun to compare the original vs. edited version of the post. So, if an argument develops that "So and so said this in the original post) I know someone somewhere can post the original tweet, and then the newly edited one posted in 90 seconds or less. Or up this time to 240 seconds (four minutes) to match the 240 characters you can use in a tweet.

Here’s another fix for Twitter: don’t make Twitter ad-free if ads bring in revenue. Make Twitter ad-free for people willing to pay $7 to $10 monthly, just like youtube red. How long has youtube been around? And you’d think someone from $TWTR would have studied their success and said, “Hey, let’s try selling people an ad-free experience.”

Anyway, Twitter is insane to read on any topic $TWTR at this moment. I stand to the side, laugh, and like a few funniest posts. (Someone at Twitter should realize there’s a late-night show monologue written daily on Twitter and that Twitter could start its own Twitter channel with a top-rated comedian using the one-liners. Each tweet used in the monologue would reward the person tweeting the one-liner in a Twitter token that can be buy an ad-free experience or redeemed for US Dollars. With all the crypto followers on Twitter, this would be right up their alley.)

Yes, you are precisely correct, Denny, when you say it’s getting weirder and weirder on Twitter. As crazy as Motley Fool closing all its boards not financially related was to old-time posters, take that upheaval and multiply by 10000x or more.

It’s getting funnier by the day, for sure.

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I tried Twitter for a while years ago, mainly to drive traffic to my websites, and didn’t like it so I quit using it.

My ‘weirder’ comment was about The Donald and others aspiring to the Oval Office.

I didn’t use to like Musk, now I do, warts and all.

Denny Schlesinger

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