That Mona Lisa Smile

The first time I actually saw the Mona Lisa I can remember being somewhat disappointed. First off you have to sort of maneuver yourself through the ever present throng of folks crowding around it - and then, its a tiny thing - well by Texas standards anyway. So theres that. And I have always wondered if she didn’t have that smile would she still be the Mona Lisa or would she be someone else. Just another ancient painting or such. I dunno. But what I do know is that in regards to NVDA we can say this:

While NVDA most certainly does not have Bettie Davis eyes - it does indeed have that Mona Lisa smile. In fact, currently - and that is to say; as of today, right now, NVDA is the cocaine drug of choice of the burgeoning, euphoric AI tsunami.

Have you ever seen one of those African Savannah documentaries? The ones that overlay the everyday lives of all the savannah residents with the feast and famine dry and wet seasons. If so - then you know that every monsoon season of feast is followed by a dry season of trials and tribulation. We are officially in the beginning phase of the AI wet season.

Consider - at the peak of the non-wetness of the dry season all the animals cluster/gather and otherwise coagulate at the last remaining pools of water. The ones where all the Hippos are jammed up together in not much water; but rather, a sort of sludge/soupy like mixture constituted of a lot of semi-thick mud mixed with prodigious amounts of hippo poo. Thats actually the exact scene of the wet season bubble having completely popped - so to speak. Something like this:

But before that there’s the wet season that begins with a muddy puddle or two - that develop into slight trickles of wild free water that then become the flowing streams - that matriculate into wide banked creeks; that, surge into roaring rivers that produce much flooding - and after the initial flooding and turbulence the feasting begins.

And thats where NVDA comes in. Early… early this morning at the ungodly hour of 5:30 Am or so, one of my favorite subscription guys over on SA came out with his opinion on NVDA. And doesn’t every growth analyst known to mankind have one - as well as everyone of us also to I suppose? And pretty though it was in praise of what the company is achieving and its momentous ER, along with what it may, or may not portend to the coming of the AI thingy wet season - what he concluded was what exactly what one would expect from a seasoned investor who has seen rotational seasons of market triumph and tragedy: Refrain from chasing NVDA. Why?

Well… and now transitioning to my very own porous and fading in-and-out logic and reasoning, because while NVDA is certainly AI King, it is just the beginning of the AI feast of plenty. And while we have seen a few mud puddles forming in the highlands (think AI, PLTR, UPST etc) one could certainly premise with much accuracy and wisdom that yesterday NVDA lit the fuse to the full-on AI gold rush. As such there could be a great many AI movement winners and before all the monsoon wet season flooding ends up falling over Victoria Falls.

But when all that water does indeed fall over Victoria Falls - it is the scene of the bubble bursting in a free falling cascade of investment dollars; which - given the FOMO frenzy and nature of investors, is simply the natural order of things. And thats exactly why this morning I decided to let things settle in a bit and refrain from immediately chasing NVDA. The Great AI Wet Season and Monsoon Tsunami is upon us and will undoubtedly produce much profit for all along the way. No need to hurry.

Eyes to the front - control your breathing and emotions - mark your targets when they come.

All the Best,
BDH Investing


Fortunately… in most cases… you can hear the Falls in the distance and get out in plenty of time.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.


And Rob, congrats!!! SMCI cotailed NVDA

Thought about it but decided against it…

But I hope you are holding it - No guts, No glory - You are the best example !!!

Me, I am just holding my NVDA stocks ( unfortunately, these are very small amounts so will not move the needle at all, but still nice to see the green)…But happy for you !!!

And everyone who are making the market a more happy place!!!


Champ, what does “BDH investing” mean - Admit it, u wrote it because you wanted me to ask it… :grinning:



Today another of the high profile services that I subscribe to came to the same general conclusion as the SA guy: If you have it - just hold it, or perhaps take a little of the profit off the table - although; if NVDA is going to be all they say it is…well, in that case why should you? If you don’t have it then - well… according to them, NVDA is chock full of volatility and one should grasp as much patience as they have to wait on the NVDA flood to subside a bit.

Could two of the more highly regarded growth gurus both be wrong? Well sure…its investing and we all get things wrong from time to time and me in a much more impressive and dynamic way. That being said - I wait.

Note: As for BDH Investing, I am not quite ready/prepared to talk about it just yet. In time perhaps.

All the Best,
BDH Investing

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I wonder what happened to SNOW at Saul board. Not even single post to discuss about numbers. Once Saul sold I do not know why they do not discuss good or bad about earnings. Any one looking to add ? NET recovered all after results ? Do not we get similar pop for now for 30% growth ? Looks they are in AI also

current valuation: basing on below screenshot i think we might not get pop here but at the same time it might not fall further. general market pulldown might happen but stock specific down might stop here.

Best performance so far:
looks COCO (coconut water company in Costco), AVGO (AI play like smc, AMD) also performing well along with wellknow stocks nvda, smci.
Any one interested with coco or avgo?

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Why don’t you ask that over there too?

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

looks only moderator allowed people can post there. I am not getting reply link and also can not post new thread also.



Regarding NVDA (NVIDIA), it is a leading technology company known for its graphics processing units (GPUs) and AI computing solutions.