Shanghai Cooperation Organisation - BRICS

This would make sense for many reasons:

A senior Indian analyst has floated the idea of a merger between the BRICS group of emerging economies and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), saying the two entities which include Russia and China can give birth to a powerful organization that could have a more meaningful role in international developments.

The SCO is basically just Asian countries and some kind of merger with BRICS would bring in all those African countries that both Russia and China are showing a great deal of interest in:

Many African decision-makers see their relationships with Europe as recipients of aid, rather than as equal partners on the ground, according to the Friedrich Naumann Foundation. DW examines why this gives China an edge.

Moscow’s scramble for valuable resources has come at the cost of regional security.

Someone is playing the long game very well here, and it’s not us in The West!


I have noticed that, in some of the pics in reports on the coup in Niger, there are people waiving Russian flags. iirc, I have also heard reports that the junta that now rules Mali expelled the French troops that have been helping push back the Islamic boogyman, in favor of Wagner mercs.

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A democratic republic is yours as long as you can keep it.

I guess failing again is in the cards for many countries.