The case to buy TWLO

I think Twilio is still a long term play. What resonated with me in this article (linked below) was the mention of Twilio’s first mover advantage and its domination of the space with its broad offerings. He puts the acquisition of SendGrid in this context. There is no competitor that addresses this market so well and so broadly. I find it interesting that in many occasions Bert’s articles have been support for the bull cases expounded on this board. But this time, most don’t think Bert is right?…



Bert simply has the best service that i know about for software stock advice. I’m a very happy subscriber and aside from his knowledgeability in the field, i appreciate his willing private email exchanges. He is strong in areas that i am not and his superior understanding about scalability, competitive threats, and other technical matters in the space have worked to my advantage.

But we are independent thinkers here and so i don’t buy every stock he recommends. Bert doesn’t buy every stock Bert recommends!

For example, leadership matters more to me than to him or others here and i fancy myself as better at identifying able CEOs than most investors. The TWLO CEO is not at the same level as others i like in the space, IMO. I owned TWLO for a while but found better horses to ride.

I rank Bert at the very top among stock analysts in the software space. OTOH, there are more than a dozen CEOs of hyper growth SAAS stocks that IMO are higher potential leaders than the CEO at TWLO. Not saying the CEO is terrible or even weak, just not big enough given the options for the kind of price we pay for companies dependent on longer term outperformance.


Which CEOs do you like better and what specifically do you like about them. What don’t you like about Lawson. I’m not saying you’re wrong but I’d like to hear your specifics. There are a few glaring missteps recently but I’m sure there has to be more or you wouldn’t Have posted.


I think it is more of a scaling too fast for their systems issue rather than a CEO related issue. These guys have grown at exponential speed. Of course they are gong to have problem with systems as they would not have built them to handle such volumes of data and sales.

Since they are billing off every SECOND of time a service is used, for each clients services, this is like a telco on steroids billing system. The may in time move away from this model if they cannot sort it out and go to subscriber based to simplify it.

Lets give them a chance to sort it out and put it down to human error and let them do what they do best. DISRUPT THE MARKET :slight_smile: