The Cash call option will get a value assigned to it this week

So Biden Administration is in talks with Buffett. So some sweet-heart deal is likely given the $100 B cash pile with downside protected by our tax money. So politico’s can claim it is a tax payer funded bail-out. We should get some clarity by Monday morning.

It is so hard to assign a value to this and very difficult to get such win-win deals post Buffett.

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Now that CS sale is completed, quick take looks like basically Swiss central bank paid UBS $9B and UBS in turn paid $2B CS shareholders and UBS gets $50B funding and guarantee to raise it to $100 B to unlimited… details are trickling in.

Now, before market opens, FED may want to do something about the regional banks and there is a possibility WEB deploys some of his cash on regional banks, definitely sweet-heart deals like preferred investments with 10% interest rate and preferred’s guaranteed by FED, etc.

If you are Berkshire shareholder you may want to be glued to TV today, rather than waiting for the annual report.

OK, the terms are not great, so WEB decided to sit out. Biden administration should not have leaked the news. But expecting politicians to be smart is…