The economic costs of governmental policies


We really need to give Florida a break. It is actually a failing state. Pestilence, Going broke, people leaving the state, home insurance sky rocketing. A Governor who is making the state look absolutely “Goofy”. We all should be trying to help them better educate their citizens.



The end of Disney’s expansion plans in Florida is not new “news”. More recently, a couple conventions have moved their venues out of Florida, because of state policies. But, Florida advocates will tell you ideological purity is more important.


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:joy: I see what you did there.


From further down in the article:

The Orange County comptroller’s office reported a 6.7% decrease in tourist development tax collections for May compared to the previous year, …

Hotel occupancy in the Orlando area during May was down by 2.5% year over year.

The combination of political controversies and other factors is creating a challenging environment for local businesses and officials who rely on the thriving tourism sector.

I wonder how many small businesses that depend on the tourism industry are suffering.

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I read these statistics and see the occasional news story about a convention being moved, or shorter lines at Disneyworld, and I can’t help but wonder:

Maybe weeks and weeks of scorching temperatures have more to do with it than “a few conventions” or even “terrible political policies”. Would you want to stand in line at DisneyWorld when the thermometer bulb is about to explode?


I drop the “y” when I do it.