The Economics of Twitch

I know twitch as a website where you watch people playing video games. How is it worth $100 million to watch a guy do this? I find this demotivating with regard to studying hard to get a STEM degree. The Kardasians will inherit the Earth.



We should have just stopped with I Love Lucy?

Damned box TV

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If you have 100,000 people, 10 of them will become youtube stars or gaming stars or whatever stars and earn a ton of money. 99,990 of them will earn zero to negative amounts (they will pay for fancy video/audio equipment, and pay for consultants, etc).

If you have 100,000 people, and they get a STEM degree, 95,000 of them will earn a decent living. 4,990 will earn a mediocre living. And 10 will earn zero.

And that is the big difference.


That was true in the past. Going forward, how much engineering and computer programming will be done by AI? Or by an engineer in India or Pakistan at 25% of US cost? Maybe only a very few superstar engineers are employable in this new world.


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