Most up and coming academic college program in the nation

Mr. Beast school of youtube video production at East Carolina University.

Note: For those who may not be familiar, Mr. Beast earns $80 million/year from the stuff he posts on youtube.

One of my young cousins is a music major at ECU. I hope she at least minors in “Mr. Beast”.



“literally when they graduate they can come down the road and get a job”.


He can not hire that many of the grads. I smell a lawyer somewhere.

Actually the “Mr. Beast” curriculum strikes me as something that’s more likely to lead to success, than spending 8-10 years getting a PhD in the hopes of obtaining a tenure-track teaching position.



That I can agree with.

There was some scuttlebutt two weeks ago. One of the shark tank folks discussed paying artists who do this work a lot of money. He put businesspeople and coders as now getting less pay.

Side note. I just studied UAE average spend on NFTs about $400 per year. The US is $900 almost. The heart of the industry is NYC which would be above that $900 in spending. For fine art concepts, they want much higher than $900. Just switched my ads in the wee hours.