The END of Airport Towers as we Know Them?!

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What exactly are Remote Control Towers? Could they actually replace control towers as we know them? And is this really a good idea?
In this video I will go through some of the history behind existing Air Traffic Control Towers and then bring you in to the revolutionary future of Remote Control Tower and what improvements they might bring.
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The Captain


I’ve followed this channel for many years thanks to you…one of the best things on YT


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The Captain

I always assumed control towers were tall so they could keep track of the planes on the ground, and use instruments to keep track of those in the sky. Since major airports now have ground radar, the era of “tall” seems an anachronism, given that there are screens everywhere and that’s how they do their job now anyway.

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I’ve been wondering why the bulk of communication between controllers and airliners is by radio. Most passenger planes are already communicating with their home base via the equivalent of text messages. Why aren’t routine control messages delivered by a similar system.

Yes you would still want radios for unusual situations and as a backup. Maybe you initiate contact with a controller station via radio to make sure that communication channel is open, then agree to switch to written messaging.

I’d require it for most commercial flights, with exceptions for some smaller planes. Make it optional for general aviation.

It would be very useful for international flights, where accents and both pilot and controller using second languages sometimes get in the way of clear communication.