The Future of Football

This high school junior is 6’ -7.5" and 380 lbs. A latter day Refrigerator Perry.

This is Byron Washington. He’s a high school junior. The photo is real. The guy in red is 6’ 4” and 215 lbs. - huge post - Imgur



OT perhaps?

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The refrigerator was never in shape at all.

That kid is much larger probably and for 380 looks in shape.

When I used to read the WSJ this was going on. Center column front page of the paper my high school.

In contrast, Brock Purdy was considered too short to play QB in the NFL, he almost went undrafted; the last overall pick.
Passing rating 107
QBR 76
Brock Purdy is 21-5 in the regular-season and playoffs in his career thus far

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