The Genesis of Our Current Problems

An excellent lecture by Jonathan Haidt about how we got here.

UBC Phil Lind Initiative 2023 Presents: Jonathan Haidt

What can moral psychology teach us about better understanding those who hold opposing viewpoints? In the final event of the 2023 Phil Lind Initiative series, (Un)Civil Discourse, Jonathan Haidt discusses the state of political dysfunction and fracture in the US with his talk Democracy After Babel: Self-governance in an era of fragmentation, outrage, and anomie moderated by Kathryn Gretsinger.

The Captain

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One point that struck me was the need of children to play with less adult supervision in a world with less emphasis on safety. Of all the young people I have met the most self reliant are the children of sailors, children raised on board, children who have been exposed to the realities of life at sea.

Titles like The Cruel Sea and The Perfect Storm are misleading at best. It’s just Nature doing what Nature does. Nature does not care about humans any more than it cares about fish, algae, sea urchins, or corals. Learn to live well by living in the real world.


As I posted earlier the inflation is being caused at this point by fiscal spending. The main culprit being the IRA which remains during the ceiling talks untouched. The promises of supply side economics completely dropped out of the discussion fiscal policy or demand side economics is now dominant.

The US budget deficits are most blamable on tax cuts. Nothing else is comparable.

Those we would expect to have the most to say about fiscal policy being a problematic way to grow our GDP have stepped aside.

We can expect economies of scale in the US from mid 2024 forward.

We are seeing a rise in US global power. We are coming back to dominance.