The Lie Scientology Allegedly Taught Kirstie Alley About Cancer Before She Passed Away While Battling The Illness

**Explain to me how this dangerous cult can considered a religion and is therefore tax exempt.

Kirstie Alley attained the highest ranking in Scientology: OT8.

This ranking makes you immune to cancer, don’tcha know?**

New York Magazine journalist and HuffPost contributor, Yashar Ali, pointed out a shocking allegation that suggests Alley’s illness could have been downplayed by the Church of Scientology.

“One of the promises that Scientology explicitly makes to members (on paper!) is if you reach the upper levels of Scientology you won’t get cancer,” he tweeted.

“Kirstie Alley and Kelly Preston, two dedicated Scientologists, have both died of cancer in the past two years.”


Wow! I’d love to hear more about this from Leah Remini in future episodes of her takedown of Scientology on Netflix. (p.s. This is not Leah tweeting under an assumed name.)

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