The MF Brians 11min SaaS video

Brian Feroldi and Brian Stoffel, two Fools I highly respect and comment on this board occasionally, have a YouTube channel which I find extremely helpful. I am still relatively new to investing and found their recent video on the SaaS model an excellent ELI5 (explain like I’m 5).

Many experienced investors on this board will already know this but with the deluge of newcomers, I count myself in this bucket, I found this video helpful to reinforce what many already say on this board. The video is a quick 11 minutes.

They breakdown the power of the SaaS model by highlighting companies who have made the transition from a licensing model (MFST, AYX, ADBE, TEAM, ADSK) to a SaaS model and how the transition, while a detriment to revenue in the short term, is an absolute BEAST of a gamechanger in the long term thus reinforcing what most of us know here on this board already; the SaaS model is highly coveted as one of the things we look for in a company.

The company they are highlighting is UIpath (PATH) which I am a shareholder. PATH stock price has been decimated recently but they highlight how this may be a misunderstanding by Wall Street and investors not understanding the transition to a SaaS model and the power it has for PATH and potentially for investors.

Hope some newbies find this helpful like I did.