SAAS investing article…


Great link.
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Thanks Musicali, that is a great find! Appreciate you posting it for the rest of us.


Look at mdb cmo video towards the bottom like omg…

Ull want to buy more mdb!


Too late - I’m buying up all the MDB! The world is mine…meh-heh-heh! (And they said I was mad!!!)

These days every business is trying to turn its sales into subscriptions, just like 20 years ago they were adding DOT-COM to their names, and very recently they were adding CRYPTO or BLOCKCHAIN to their names, even if their real business was iced tea or chewing gum or dog food.

Notice how Amazon tries to get you to subscribe when you buy diapers or tea or razor blades or whatever looks like it could be a repeat purchase.

Obviously it works where it works, and Saul (and a lot of others here) have been “curating” a promising sample. It’s actually a throwback to the era when you couldn’t own the software (and you were likely not to own the expensive hardware), you rented it, and the selling company maintained it.

Another thing to watch along with revenue growth is good use of all that revenue.