The Pattern

I’ve come to appreciate big downturns like we saw Monday. It always seems to spur invigorated buying of our companies by people/institutions that were waiting on the sidelines, propelling them to the next level. I think this is another indicator of the strength of this sector.




Until it doesn’t. I too, have been impressed with the number of buyers, especially given media attention to “China Trade War.”

I have to beleive there will come a time that beta will catch up and market risk will overwhelm business risk for a time. That said, my general philosophy is “do nothing” with respect to market driven volatility.

Even the TTD drop last month did not sway me into action, although I did have some low-ball bides in to buy more that did not trigger…am I too greedy :slight_smile:

This board (and a couple others) provide such a rich diversity of analysis and philosophy as to enable me to dive deeper into why I own companies and allow me the luxury of using other’s knowledge and expertise to greratly enhance my meager thoughts.

Thanks to all!