The Pivotal Role of China in Global Mobility

MIT Mobility Initiative

Join us as we give our online forum audience a sneak-peek into MMI’s flagship event - the annual Vision Day via a special lunch panel. The automotive industry’s shift from ICE vehicles to Electric Vehicles is resulting in a massive shift in geopolitical dynamics. This panel seeks to analyze the critical geopolitical aspects of this evolution, with a particular focus on China’s growing influence. As the world’s largest automotive market, largest EV manufacturer and key player across all stages of battery mining, processing, production, China has emerged as a central force in the global automotive landscape. The nation’s ambitious industrial policies, advancements in EV/Battery technology, and strategic investments in critical resources have positioned it as a formidable contender in a sector traditionally dominated by Western countries. The US already has sanctions in place for Chinese built EVs. The EU which is being flooded by well-made and value for money EVs is mulling putting new sanctions in place. The panel will offer a multi-dimensional perspective on the changing dynamics of the automotive industry and the central role that China now plays within it.

The Captain

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