The Rubicon…

The Telegraph:


Some in global finance, including the International Monetary Fund, fear the onslaught of Western sanctions means the global economy is splitting into camps in the wake of Russia’s invasion, one led by the US and the other by China, with disastrous consequences.

They believe the world economy is fracturing into two parts. Russia will be forced to move away from Western finance, tech and the US dollar, perhaps into Chinese President Xi Jinping’s arms, while others could follow to avoid being next.

That has been obvious for a while now.

Two questions arise:

Will China meltdown financially into next year?

Will India fall into China’s hands in Modi’s quest to screw the Indian public in the name of progress for his own personal filthy thirst for power?

Other than that Russia amounts to nothing economically and those who want to rely on China will amount to nothing much more. It is not like China actually is giving anything away.

As far as “disastrous consequences”? We are being wound up to bear the load. We will profit off the load we are capitalists. Our consequences will be very good thank you.