The scammy underbelly of Amazon's online self-publishing

Apparently one popular “Passive Income” strategy is to have an AI bot author a bunch of books for you and then self-publish them on Amazon. {{ LOL }} And Amazon does little to curate or cull the flotsom.



The story just demonstrates that everything the internet touches turns to crap. News? Everyone’s a reporter, so people who go and research actual facts for pay are no longer necessary. Music? Anybody with two sticks and a reed make music, and you have to wade through 20 miles of trash to find a musician who is practiced at the craft. Book authors? See: Reporters, above. Conspiracy theories? How much time do you have?

Social life? How to do that when you’re staring at a screen? Remember the wonder of pictures? You’d take them, and a few days later they’d be returned to you in glossy, printed form. They were rare, wonderful, meaningful. Now they’re throwaways, and people carry cameras on sticks pointing at themselves so they can post them on the internet where nobody cares.

Who remembers editorial cartoons? Carefully crafted to make a sharp, provocative point. Now we have memes, 30 a day, and they slide by like toilet paper after eating a greasy taco.

There was a time when a documentary took you to worlds where you could learn about the human condition, abuses and triumphs; now anybody with access to a $2 microphone from WalMart has a podcast, and they’re all about sports or Area 51.

Worst of all, of course, is Mail. It used to come once a day, you’d throw out the garbage, maybe get a magazine or a letter from your Aunt, and on your birthday get some cards, some even with money inside. Now you get e-mails, 50 a day, all of them more worthless than a chocolate teapot, and if you take the time to send one to someone you never hear from them again.

Artificial intelligence? There’s no intelligence of any kind any more. That went out when bell bottom pants went out and disco came in. Bah. I’m going to bed.


Are you a fan of variant sudoku puzzles and a couple of practitioners of the hobby hailing from Great Britain?

Because that it one of their favorite phrases.

Oh, but that is where you aren’t quite right. It seems that a few people can take any picture and a lot of people care to look at them.
Just a couple of examples: Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie

And this:

The only explanation is that lots of the other 99.99% want to be like them.