The Warren Factor

Another vicious down day as the Bears strike back, “Take that you big dumb hick Bulls” - speaking strictly for myself here; although, also and strictly speaking, the Bears ain’t saying nothing cause they are just big stupid algorithms. Reminds me of one of those dystopian movies where be metal machines are taking over - or something like that.

The fact of the matter is, that money is made in the bloody market streets with the famous Warren quote: Be Fearful when others are Greedy and Greedy when others are fearful. Well…there is little doubt that others are fearful just now. Right? In fact, if we all admit it we are all a little worried, frustrated and fearful. Thats just the way it works. So… if Warren’s saying has any legitimacy at all it then follows that if you are a big Buffett fan you should be greedy now. Right? Hard to do as that might be. Sigh

Today I used some readjustments and a tranche of cash to position the portfolio as follows:


  1. MNDY

  2. BILL

  3. DDOG

  4. ZS

  5. S. (Promoted S over UPST and sent UPST to the Bench)

B) The Bench

  1. UPST - Trimmed it back down to the Bench

  2. SNOW (Added back to the portfolio roster at about $207.15 after selling it on 3/28 for $235 and some change)

Note: Timing the Market does not work and the more you do it the more it won’t work. Be so advised.


9)Unity - Fell below $100 triggering a buy point for me.

C) Scout Team

  1. GTLB - New roster addition and Bert likes them. Retention Rate of 152% - my goodness who does that?

  2. MQ

  3. CFLT

  4. GLBE

So thats that. If tomorrow mirror today then I will use my last cash to augment whatever needs augmenting: then I’ll just Hunker Down for a bit.

All the Best,


I think your TB strategy should continue to serve you well.
My macro gurus that I trust a bit more than the untrustworthy macro gurus that I largely ignore, all seem to think the market is (and has been for a couple months now) in a bull/bear back and forth trap mode.

For the layman, I am using this Dreamer-patented terminology:
“we are still in the Meh Phase of the market, which is whipsaw choppy chop.”

Hope this helps!

Hey Dreamer:

The soon to be famous Dreamer MPWCC strategy.

There could be a book in there somewhere ya know.

All the Best,