…looks like we are in for another shellacking if the current Futures continue on their course. Meh!

The real question is whether we are racing downward for the 2500 region? Who knows - we are some 1400 pts or so away and most of the deck of unfolding events is stacked solidly against us: I put the odds at roughly 25% that the Bulls can prevent that deep a breech. There are bigger fish to fry: My main concern is that some combination of a 50 basis point move by the FED along with them beginning to unwind things could be the dry underbrush just waiting for a single spark from any number of potential events.

In the meanwhile, a repeat of the last two days results will place a burdensome question on the use of my last tranche of cash. We’ll see I suppose bright and early.

Interestingly enough, were I a superstitious man, I would note that for the last two days the mornings have brought a genuine rout that gives way to a temporary push by the Bulls thats fades into the end of the day. Bad news comes in threes they say and so it might be; which, would leave Friday for a rally. The problem being of course that in this environment a lot of folks don’t want to hold equities across a weekend.

Investing is hard.

Stay Calm - Control Your Emotions - Eyes to the Front - Mark your Target when it Comes.

Then Hunker Down…Hunker Down…Hunker Down!

All the Best,