Portfolio Update #625

I’ve always thought it would be really swell to own a bank. I am beginning to re-think the now.
Anyway - the carnage on Friday caused a gut reaction (which are really reactions you want to avoid as an investor) which caused me to trim positions and then add to everyone left…ie…the old Retreat to High Ground Strategy - which, relative anything else I can think of, at least at first glance, to be a reasonably rational strategy: you take lesser positions and rotate their contracts into higher on the portfolio food chain companies. This under the subtle underlying principle that in any recovery the better higher confidence companies will do (should do) much better than the lessor confidence companies. Seems reasonable - especially when it works.

Who’s Out and Who’s In:

ZS and MDB got cut leaving the roster as follows:


  1. SNOW

  2. MNDY

  3. TMDX

  4. NET

  5. ENPH

The Bench:

  1. DDOG

  2. S

Thats it. I suppose the bigger question is if the market Armageddon continues who might we cut next? Very difficult decision and one I might not make in favor of just going to Hunker Down strategy to weather the storm. Besides - S reports next week and that ought to provide some portfolio fireworks one way or the other. So at the end of the day I am much to wrapped up in all the NCAA Conference Tourneys to be much decided one way or the other on any next stock battle plan; however, I suppose I am closer to the finality of Hunker Down than pushing any further chips on the market table. We’ll see I suppose but I don’t think the immediate future is gonna be all that pretty.

So here are the TBs I added late Friday or so:

TMDX - TB added at 71.28

SNOW - added at 130.33

S - added at 13.82

ENPH - added at 209.21

DDOG - added at 64.34

MNDY - added at 128.69

I still have some cash available come Monday but think better deals might lay ahead - although, there is a lot to be said for: In for a Penny - In for a Pound!

All the Best,