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DW and I had a great trip to Paris for 8 days in late May/early June. Being old (chronologically), we took proper care against catching Covid, avoiding crowds and eating outdoors away from other diners, exclusively. We spent a glorious morning in Musee d’Orsay, with the place much to ourselves for the first hour and wore our masks.

We tested negative within 24 hours of our return flight, as was still required at that time. Unfortunately, we removed our masks for 15 minutes or so to eat on the return, and that was enough to become infected with the super-contagious newest variant. We felt poorly within a day after being home, but neither of us tested positive until about 4 days later. We were pretty miserable for more than a week, but all is well now.

In fact, we emailed the owner of the lovely apartment in Paris in which we stayed and reserved it for an entire month next spring. Yay!

We also leave for Hawaii in about 2 weeks, staying 2 months. You can be sure that during the flights we’ll keep our N-95 masks on and the air vents full open. I can’t wait to be back in the ocean!


We are heading to Paris in September. Our plans sound like yours.

Thanks for getting TMF to reopen this board.

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