This board

The depth of knowledge and generosity of those contributors with feet on the ground and expertise in the various areas of tech and biotech astounds me. And the to and fro between you to our benefit is much appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your comments are so enlightening. Also to Saul for doing the deep dives that dovetails financials to the stories. This is crowd analysis at it’s best.



Rob simply recommending your post didn’t seem to be enough to adequately echo your thoughts.
I am amazed at the level of input from members of this board. I feel, most of the time, like I am in the bleachers watching the major league players. I can read the box scores and tell you how a pitcher pitched or a hitter hit, but I could never do it myself.
So thanks to everyone that contributes to this board, making it the best of the best.


I concur.