This could send gun mfg stocks up

Black women who once hated guns are embracing them as violence rises

Shootings were ravaging the nation’s capital, on track for its highest number of homicides in two decades. In Prince George’s County, where Parker lives, carjackings had more than quadrupled since 2019.

… she’d viewed guns for most of her life as the root of the violence that had wrecked countless lives in her community.

That changed, paradoxically, after her son was shot to death in a parking lot not far from her home. Exasperated with the police response and in despair over the sheer number of weapons on the streets, Parker decided there was only one way to protect what remained of her family. And that was to pick up a gun herself.…


The number of buyers is a marginal matter.

This is politics any way you cut it.

It is also politics based on race.


The demographics are different but not sure about the race part. Farmers often own guns to control varmints. Plenty of hunters in the suburbs.

Everyone wants less crime and fewer shootings. With so many guns out there you wonder if urban citizens who decide they need a gun for personal protection buy new. Plenty must be on sale all the time. Often stolen property for sale as at pawn shops.


In all honesty a black friend of mine speaking to a larger group of mostly African Americans he has as followers on FB objected to a nightly news anchor last week. The anchor was wondering why African Americans vote in different ways. His retort he has family members like in any African American or American family that are across the spectrum from liberal to very conservative. People need to stop assuming African Americans are any different in this regard.

My personal wish is for support for my cause. Everyone has different causes.

Reports on inner city violence I care about just as I care about reports on school shootings or mall shootings in suburbia. The news media and our culture portray the two very differently. That is what I mean by racist.

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Yup, there is that narrative again: the solution to gun violence is always more guns.

The news reported, some days ago, of a man who though he heard a prowler outside his house, so went out for a looksee, with his rifle. The police arrived, saw him with the rifle, and shot him dead.


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