Thoughts on Sector Rotation

Any thoughts on where we should be rotating into (or out of) given where we are in March 2024?

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Here are the current best performing sectors and themes, along with the corresponding ETFs.

Sectors (top5)
1 Communication Services $XLC
2 Basic Materials $XLB
3 Energy $XLE
4 Financial Services $XLF
5 Technology $XLK

Themes (top10)
1 Copper Producers $COPX
2 Blockchain Technology $BLOK
3 Semiconductors $SMH
4 Homebuilders $XHB
5 Oil & Gas Exploration & Production $PXE
6 Online Retail $IBUY
7 Oil & Gas Equip. & Services $PXJ
9 Natural Gas Producers $FCG
10 Energy Infrastructure $ENFR


Try this link for Sector relative strength factor selection automatically:
Fund Comparison ::

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