Tip of the hat to Saul

Wow, this was my best earnings season EVER. The majority of stocks I hold, based on Saul’s guidelines had good earnings and are rebounding back to being growth stocks. I’d say about half my port holds Sauldom stocks, a quarter are my own choices for long term steady stocks, and last quarter are stocks I am choosing based on what I have learned here.

The only two stocks that earned the boot this time around, were not really Sauldom stocks anyway, and I ‘might’ have had some feedback about Etsy in the past…lol. So Etsy and Rivian were kicked to the curb. Etsy just for super big slowdown in growth and management changes that make me think they are looking for a way to fix things, but don’t really know. Rivian because they had a bad earnings report, but MOSTLY because the CEO just threw his hands up and blamed everything on interest rates. That kinda defeatism is not encouraging.

Anyway, THANK YOU SAUL. I had good time with this quarter’s earnings season and it is all because I now have a better idea of what makes a good company.

I am up about 41% from my Nov '23 lows, and I have been adding money most of the way.