To Carplan and Welgard,

To Carplan and Welgard,

I’m glad you are making good money on REITS. Others make good money on value stocks, or sell-off-the-parts situations, or IPO’s, or investing in commodities, or options, or opening restaurants, or starting new companies, or whatever. However this is a board for analyzing and finding new investment situations in growth stocks.

If you don’t like the purpose of the board NO ONE IS MAKING YOU STAY! In fact if you want to start your own board there’s a little button on the line across the top of each of these posts called “Start a New Board”. Go for it! You don’t have to stay on this board. This board is NOT FOR THE DISCUSSION OF REITS. Someone posted a link to a board where you’d be very welcome. But if you want to stay on this board, drop it!




Hey guys, look at it this way: Say someone has set up a board on French cooking and has a lively exchange of ideas going on. And then someone else wants to start discussing Russian literature (or horse-racing, or whatever) on the board. And he says “But Russian literature is really interesting and two friends and I want to discuss it on your French cooking board”. Now Russian literature (or horse-racing) can be very interesting - but it’s a French cooking board, and Russian literature just doesn’t belong. On the other hand there’s a nice Russian literature board right down the way where they would be very welcome.

Does that help you understand?



I just submitted a request for a new board called French Cooking to send off topic fools to.
I’ll let you know if it’s accepted.


The cooking analogy is definitely off-base. A more accurate cooking analogy would be that you have a French cooking board. Most of the people talk about the Parisian style of cooking, as they understand it best and have done well with it. The Marseilles style still is French cooking and still adheres to all posted rules of the board, but some people don’t know much about it, some are skeptical, and others are just downright rude warning people about that style of cooking and that it’s just a scheme.

My post was constructive, addressed all the reasons why that HASI thread was getting out of control, and also asked for clarification - you kept reposting the basic rules of the board, but none of that applied to REITs.
Rather than addressing any of my individual points, you start a second thread with mine and Carpian’s names on it, which is petty at best.

Please delete this thread, thank you.


Hello Welgard -
I don’t know you, and I quickly browsed through the REIT thread. But I think you’re off-base and I hope to gently give you my opinion as to why.

So, let’s start with the cuisine/cooking analogy in that you modified it some in order to defend your REIT posts on this board.

Saul compared your posts to literature rather than French cuisine and then you replied by saying, in effect. “nuh-uh I’m still writing about French cooking from a different region. No harm, no foul. Get off my case.”

Nice defense, but dead wrong. If we stay with the cooking analogy. it’s much more like you’ve introduced Chinese cooking to the French cooking board - Yup, still within the broad topic of cooking (analog to investing in equities), but my friend, Chinese cuisine is undeniably off topic (as an aside, I was raised in an Austrian household, while not French, still Western Europe with a lot in common and I’m very familiar with Chinese food as I’m married to a Chinese woman).

While both French cooking and Chinese cooking address food preparation and presentation for consumption, that’s about where the similarities end. The tools, techniques and materials are largely different both in the kitchen and the way it’s presented at the table, and even consumed.

Now, I could expand on this with all sorts of painful details, but I’ll spare you the list unless we press this further. But just for a couple of examples, an oven is a rarity in the Chinese kitchen, generally speaking, there are no native baked dishes in China. And knives are never present in a Chinese place setting, so most food is prepared in bite sized pieces in the kitchen because there’s no way of cutting it up at the table.

You have introduced Chinese cuisine the French cuisine board, not just a variant of French, but entirely different.

REITs are interesting and if you know what you’re doing, I imagine you can make pretty good money, but they aren’t growth stocks, even if a particular REIT is growing like a weed. The performance measures are different, and if you’re not familiar with them, totally arcane as compared to what you look for in growth stocks. Corporate actions are different due to the way a REIT deploys capital versus a product/service company (which growth stocks tend to be). The tax implications are different and due to forced distribution of earnings much more relevant to the investor that growth stocks.

So please, take your Chinese cooking discussion to a place where it will be better understood and appreciated. We’ve got our hands full and our interest focused on French cooking on this board.


On a lighter note, I love to cook:

Fusion Cuisine: Italian/Mexican/Asian Fishion…

Fusion Cuisine: Garlic, Ginger, Béchamel Chicken…

Fusion Cuisine: Chicken, Stir-fry Vegetables and Pasta…

The Captain

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As a reader of this board, I almost always find the arguments over OT threads much more disruptive and distracting then the original threads themselves.

This is a plea to both Saul and Carplan/Welgard to just let it be. It is Saul’s board so I definitely believe that Carplan/Welgard should respect Saul’s wishes. Saul, I’ve heard you use this cooking analogy a bunch of times and I’m pretty sure it almost always sparks an argument rather than just solving the issue. Maybe a better strategy in the future would just be more simply saying “We don’t discuss REITs on this board, and although it is clear you put a lot of time and effort into this post we ask that you relocate this to a more appropriate board.”

While REITs are OT, I find these arguments over what is and what is not accepted way more disruptive than the original OT threads. Hopefully we can just get back to investing.


I just submitted a request for a new board called French Cooking to send off topic fools to.
I’ll let you know if it’s accepted.


Ha. Well that didn’t take long. Surprised they accepted the request.

Could we stop this thread already, if not have it entirely deleted? Welgard and I were unfairly singled out in the title of this thread. Our “crime”, if it be such, was simply to point out that there is no indication whatsoever in the Board Rules or especially board title that makes REITs off-limits for discussion, after people were referred there for guidance that supposedly would clarify that REITs are off-limits.

If anyone wants to torture themselves and go back and read the REIT threads, they will see that there were worse offenders than us, if discussing REITs is indeed an offense. But we get singled out for posterity as the bad guys. At least I assume it’s me–they didn’t get my name right.