To save favourite posts from boards & people

Perhaps this will be useful to someone before the end of month arrives.

  1. To get some usernames and board links you can use ‘best of’. Choose ‘from 1/1/21 to 8/1/21’ or some other dates.

  1. To save the top posts from your favourite posters, use this url below with their userid (you can get that from browsing their user profile on the old boards then going to the lower right option ‘show 10 latest posts’.). Change the number ‘uid’. The ‘byrecs’ bit is important!

Some examples: mungofitch 98976277, EliasFardo 58941, WEBspired 2046007775

It’s sometimes helpful to save both the post and the whole thread.

  1. To find & save a few of the top posts & top threads & memorable events from your favourite boards, use e.g. this url with the board id (sort by recommendations) and pick through them for a few pages.


Really helpful. Thanks!

I’ll chime in with a browser extension that might useful for people who prefer to save stuff as HTML-pages: SingleFile. It has a lot of advanced options and capabilities though, but if I remember correctly it’s pretty easy to use as is - out of the box.

So what’s special about it? It removes scripts and embeds all images and other resources into one single HTML-file.

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Great tips.

Before using SingleFile, I use Ublock Origin (an adblocker) to right click and block elements of the page I don’t want to save, like the “this page has moved” header. That way, if you save the whole thread, you can pretty much save the conversation only, without the sidebar, footer, etc.

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I’m going even simpler. Get the page I want to save, hit ctrl-a, ctrl-c, then switch to my word processor and paste it all into a new document. Save that with the original title and date of the thread, and I’m on to the next one. The important thing here is that it is fast. There’s a lot I want to save and I feel like I need to get that done by Monday evening.

I’m also saving the entire thread the interesting post appeared in. It’s one extra click, and gets the entire context.

I can trim and cut the fluff out later.