Specific steps to recreate favorite boards / Feedback

Purpose of this post is twofold.

  • Try out the new compose screen
  • Ask this question:

How do I go about recreating my list of favorite boards?

Aha! This How To: Recreate Favorite Boards. Mostly. Kinda was suggested in the “Your topic is similar to…” box - That is a fantastic and useful feature and worked really well.

I would say that help on how to do this should be in an easier to find place, and that while the topic above is useful and comprehensive, actual on-site documentation with a brief how-to would Improve The Fool even more.

Also, it would be better if the auto-suggest list of categories/tags did not cover the ‘save changes’ button. It made it hard/impossible to find that button as long as the search box was active.

(Wow, paste images on a TMF message board. Whoda thunk it possible!!)

This is the tags section auto-suggest, immediately after I clicked “washington” tag. It is added to the list, but the auto-suggest box is still expanded - no save button visible:

Perhaps the save button could be put above the categories section title?

Lots to learn here but overall these boards are a nice improvement.


Yep - we agree. We’ve pointed it out to the developers, but I suspect it’s not the highest priority. But you never know, they slip things in all the time.

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