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Everest Re Group Ltd - NYSE:RE, … under $250/share - one account filled already. Strictly limit orders on that one, … trades too lightly and wide $ spread bid/ask. Undervalued by a bunch, … today’s discount unprecedented.

Aside: … also hunting TLT, … but that’s an ongoing project. Secret is, … is to play it as an equity trade! Just think what will happen if something financially substantial FED breaks - very high likelihood of that - with their shenanigans, … FOMO/FOLO minions will run to safety of Treasury Bonds, … TLT share value will pop by a substantial substantial amount, as a result, … say, 15% range? Think 15% gain from long term bonds, …


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Okay, good tips I’ll look into. Getting ready to go outside and sweat my brains out. Send me some cooler air, Padnuh, if you have some to spare. And next time you’re up to get that sweet wife coffee, I’ll take Chocolate Soy and one teaspoon of cane sugar. Thanks!

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$RE daily chart (note: I like the fact this P/E and dividend are telling you $RE is still on on solid ground. I like the fact that $RE was the first Re-insurer to pull out of the Keys years ago and that they did this on the advice of climate change Scientists they hired. They saved boatloads of $$$ by not having presence here covering Insurers, many of them who went teats up after Hurricane Irma.)

$RE weekly chart (note: still trading within a positive crossover here. Also, longterm horizontal support tested and held recently as this past week. You’ll see the extension of that line on the daily chart above but not where it started or how long it has been in place, which, judging by this weekly chart, is now over a year old. )

$RE monthly chart (note: still trading within a positive crossover here too.)

So the mid-term and long-term charts looks strong, C. And the daily looks and feel like a basing going on. It’s August, it’s possible some newer investors do not know Everest refuses to be a Re-insurer in the most hurricane prone area of Florida, the Florida Keys. I put my trust in their management. Will monitor the daily and might join you on a trade by purchasing calls on any breakout. That will require me drawing patterns on that chart. Let’s come back to this weekly to see how it develops.

Going outside now to sweat my brains out til sunset.

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Headphones on, listening to new EDM, ready, set, go!

p.s. Got any idea if Munger and Buffett are still invested in $RE?


Thanks Rock! I have been trading RE for last little while - four buy and sell executed, so far this year, … plus last buy at $249.98 few days ago. But that’s what has been dictated by scrutinizing the market action - daily! This is unprecedented for me, but I suspect “Ursa Major” is still awaits us:…

… and so I keep trading, … for now. Basically, managing keeping a portfolio value flat year-to-date. No small effort, …

Btw, my latest trade: … INTC: filled at $35.98 on Friday, … but that’s a new buy.



P.S.: Have-a-lookie at:…

… snip:

Pfizer’s Q2 earnings numbers parallel that of a top 5 global energy company. Of course, the slight difference here is that energy companies actually provide essential services for human flourishing, while Pfizer provides, well, government-backed snake oil.

I play health care through VHT so, technically, I own some Pfizer.

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… out of RE at $271.09, … not a bad run from $250 in such a short time.

Anyway, this latest market run up is just outright crazy! Stocks are rallying on faintest hopes that the Fed will stop increasing interest rates, … and start reducing them not too, too long right after. Fat chance, … it’s all blind buying!

Anyway, as long as inflation is raging, … Fed will not pivot, … unless something big, big Fed action cracks! Something financially big, … just stand by.


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… it’s all blind buying!

… and so buying continues this Friday! Fair enough, … charts say $SPX grossly oversold, as large portion of individual stocks is too. Maybe, … (just maybe) things are different this time? Time will tell, …

Anyway, a chat with Michael Pento on Recorded last Thursday, I believe, …

… interesting, long, full of emotion. Worthy of hearing out. Claim? "Stocks to fall by 40% by spring!”

OK? My take is bit sooner than that, but fall for sure, … but what do I know?



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Just sold my GOOGL Oct 21 2022 130 Call at Market (Day) for a quick 13% in two or three days.

Just nibbled on some $LABU again. Very small.

Added a bit to my $SOXL, and looking to go “all in” next week. (Fingers crossed.)

Good week playing loads of symbols off the Upgrades/Inititations list.

I continue to plow gains back into dividend payers, equal amounts of $$$ for the six monthly dividend payers.

I’ve got one penny stock I’ll divulge next Monday, supposed day of earnings, and which I’m carrying over til Monday.

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