I use OneDrive for moving photos from my Samsung S21 Ultra Android phone to my desktop. I created a new folder called Photos and move the photos I want to keep to that folder, open the folder on the desktop, move the photos to a local intake folder and erase it from OneDrive and then erase it from the phone.

Today, I discovered that the standard Pictures directory in OneDrive has 18 copies of TranscodedWallpaper[n], one per week starting in August. I only discovered this because there was a notice on the phone of the transfer … which I have not seen before. What is this and can I get rid of it?

There is also a desktop.ini in that folder as well as subfolders ScreenShots, Saved Pictures, and Camera Roll. Each has a desktop.ini and the latter seems to have the images I have not erased from the phone.

I did Google TranscodedWallpaper and it appears to relate to the image of the desktop backdrop, but my backdrop is a slide show pointing at a local folder and has been for years and years, so I don’t why it should suddenly show up in August and why it should be highly variable in size since mostly the contents of that folder don’t change.

Bonus Question: When I go to move the photo from the phone to OneDrive, mostly OneDrive is at the beginning of the list of possible destinations, but occasionally I have to scroll off the edge of the screen looking for it. Why doesn’t remain at the beginning since it is the last place I moved something.

I’ve never heard of TranscodedWallpaper before, but I can google stuff too. I assume that is a .jpg file? However it got onto OneDrive, it has nothing to do with moving files from your phone. It is part of Roaming Profiles, as Windows feature for having multiple computers act the same. That is another feature I’ve never used, but essentially it requires storing information on a shared drive that all the computers associated with the roaming can access. All I can suggest is that you explore any settings related to Roaming Profiles.

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They are not jpg; they have no extension.

The only thing that I have found which might relate to this is under Shared experiences in Settings. There is Nearby sharing which is sharing desktop content with other devices using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi … which was off … and Share Across Devices which is bi-directional access to apps … which was on, but is now off. It is not something I would ever have turned on (unless I discover something that no longer works :slight_smile: ). In any event, I am pretty sure nothing happened in August to change usage patterns.