Trouble with schwab transition

Hi y’all. I’m having some trouble with the transition of my TDAmeritrade account to Schwab–They say I was missing some document at TDAmeritrade for my Roth account, so now I can’t buy anything in that account. Has anyone else had a similar problem, and how did you resolve it? I’ve been on the phone with Schwab, but got disconnected (of course).

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Following. My HSA brokerage account is/was with TD Ameritrade. They sent me an email saying my account would migrate on September 1 so hopefully kinks worked out by then.


I’m with JLC, my accounts(IRA, Roth, HSA, and taxable) will migrate in September.
If I have a problem, like not being able to trade/buy/sell I would move my accounts as quickly as I can.

I’ve had the most success resolving issues via e-mail with my account rep.

My transition (Trad & Roth) was 30May and I haven’t seen any issues other than several phone calls from Schwab people seeing if I need any advice. On the other hand I haven’t tried to perform any transactions (buy or sell) and am just receiving my normal distributions.

Maybe I’ll go in and see if I can buy something.


My TDA moved to Schwab on 26May.
No problems.
I’ve bought, sold equities and options, in both Roth IRA and individual brokerage accounts.

I wish TDA Think or Swim platform was up and running. Schwab said it would be available in the fall, IIRC.



Zero problems on my end. I have both a taxable and a Roth with them, have done buy & sell transactions in both accounts, all went smooth.

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I’m surprised to hear this. I’ve had Schwab (and others) for 30 years and have used their phone centers often and have never had a problem. US based, native speakers, always a good connection. Always managed to resolve the issue pretty easily, too.

Not true with many others I’ve encountered.


Just following up–After a phone session that went through about four people, I had to fill out a form as though I was opening a new IRA and snail-mail it back so I could write the existing account number on the form (and cross out “open” and change it to “fix”). Apparently, TD Ameritrade was missing some guardianship form when the account moved to Schwab, which is odd because this is a single-person account. I don’t see anything on the form that I filled out that would solve this problem, but we’ll see how this all turns out.

They say there are no restrictions on our other two accounts, so one way or another we’ll get this straightened out.


Our accounts transitioned to Schwab over the weekend. It appears everything went according to plan, though I’m still trying to figure out how to do some of the things I did with TDAmeritrade. Finding the trailing twelve month earnings for a stock seems harder than it needs to be. Would be nice if I could add that to the overview positions listing, and/or in place of the short interest info on the main stock research page.

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Take a look at Watch List at the very bottom under Trade on the menu. I don’t know if what you want is there, but they do support building custom displays. And, you can have multiple ones for different purposes.


Thank you. That (Watch list) looks like what I’m looking for. I just hadn’t found it yet.
And, I had set up some watch lists on Ameritrade that they preserved, which is nice.


Slightly off topic, but I have been a bit annoyed about accounts being moved without permission on short notice. Our Raymond James account (which had a local office) was inexplicably moved to Florida, about a thousand miles away. Since this was an inherited account that we just don’t mess with very much, I can live with that, but it is still irritating.

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