Truth Social investors lost $4 Billion?

Nice to see Devin Nunes back in the news. {{ LOL }}



Did they really lose it? Were they ever deserving?

The Russians have their fingers in Trump Media with massive loans.

Donald Trump’s social media company Trump Media managed to go public last week only after it had been kept afloat in 2022 by emergency loans provided in part by a Russian-American businessman under scrutiny in a federal insider-trading and money-laundering investigation.

The former US president stands to gain billions of dollars – his stake is currently valued at about $4bn – from the merger between Trump Media and Technology Group and the blank-check company Digital World Acquisition Corporation, which took the parent company of Truth Social public.

But Trump Media almost did not make it to the merger after regulators opened a securities investigation into the merger in 2021 and caused the company to burn through cash at an extraordinary rate as it waited to get the green light for its stock market debut.

The situation led Trump Media to take emergency loans, including from an entity called ES Family Trust, which opened an account with Paxum Bank, a small bank registered on the Caribbean island of Dominica that is best known for providing financial services to the P.O.R.N. industry.

Through leaked documents, the Guardian has learned that ES Family Trust operated like a shell company for a Russian-American businessman named Anton Postolnikov, who co-owns Paxum Bank and has been a subject of a years-long joint federal criminal investigation by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) into the Trump Media merger.

The existence of the trust has previously been reported by the Guardian and the Washington Post. However, who controlled the account, how the trust was connected to Paxum Bank, and how the money had been funneled through the trust to Trump Media was unknown.

The new details about the trust are drawn from documents including: Paxum Bank records showing Postolnikov having access to the trust’s account, the papers that created the trust showing as its settlor a lawyer in St Petersburg, Russia, and three years of the trust’s financial transactions.

The concern surrounding the loans to Trump Media is that ES Family Trust may have been used to complete a transaction that Paxum itself could not.

Paxum Bank does not offer loans in the US as it lacks a US banking license and is not regulated by the FDIC. Postolnikov appears to have used the trust to loan money to help save Trump Media – and the Truth Social platform – because his bank itself could not furnish the loan.

Postolnikov, the nephew of Aleksandr Smirnov, an ally of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has not been charged with a crime. In response to an email to Postolnikov seeking comment, a lawyer in Dominica representing Paxum Bank warned of legal action for reporting the contents of the leaked documents.

There is also no indication that Trump or Trump Media had any idea about the nature of the loans beyond that they were opaque, nor has the company or its executives been accused of wrongdoing. A spokesperson for Trump Media did not respond to a request for comment.

After this story was published, a lawyer representing Trump Media said in a statement: “The Guardian continues to propagate its false narrative that TMTG has these fake connections to Russia. It is a hoax. Litigation will continue on this point and we are confident that The Guardian will ultimately be held responsible for its defamation and this story should be retracted.”


P.S. - Much more detail in the article! More Mafia like relations between Trump and Russia.


going off memory here, but financials from last year showed $4 Million in Revenue ( not earning, lol ) and at the peak had a market cap of $8 Billion ( I think ). a mere 2000/1 Price to Sales ratio, lol.

And TFG touting that they were strongly positioned, have over $200 Million in cash. But of course, that $200 Million came from the IPO, the “business” is bleeding cash.

Sure seems like everything TFG puts out there is a weak @ss scam.


Russia and Iran inspired Hamas.

While China eyes Taiwan.

While Congress stalls on Ukraine.

It is all one picture.

Gaza is the saddest part of it.

Except for Yemen, the Houthis are recruiting 15-year-olds to fight in Israel. These were Yemenis who were going to avoid the fighting in Yemen. The Houthis then sent them to another city in Yemen to fight.

Yes because the Netanyahu government and the IDF are committing genocide. Biden does not want the US to be tarred with assisting the Israeli genocide. Germany is defending itself against the Nicaraguan claim the Germans supplying military support (about 30%) to Israelis is guilty of support genocide. I wonder why Nicaragua did not claim the same for USA military support to Israelis (about 70%).


Most of that time I think you have no clue what is going on.

It is ethnic cleansing. It is not genocide.

Biden is looking at the map and thinking of the other Arab governments that will face uprisings by the Muslim Brotherhood. All you see is Jews.

This is a proxy war between the US and Russia. All you see is Jews.

This war can be over any time Hamas wants to stop fighting. It has nothing to do with Netanyahu. Israel has no reason to stop this war and plenty to gain by fighting it. This war should not happen twice if this is resolved now.

People for a two-state solution have not listened to Hamas, the Palestinians, or the rest of the Arab populations.

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NIce guess, but you were unable to identify the problem (again !!). The problem is/was/always has been Hamas. No Hamas attack on Israel = no response by Israel.


Most of the time I think you have no clue about what Israel is doing.

I have a pretty good idea what Israel will do. They pretty much did what I described they would do some time ago.

Your response is meaningless!
Hamas caused about 1500 dead Israelis (1250 civilians & 250 IDF)
Israel caused about 34,000 dead Gazans (27,000 civilians & 7000 fighters)
Big difference due to genocide by Israel.

The world is sick and tired of Israeli lies about not targeting civilians. Hundreds of correspondents, humanitarian aid worker and medical staff have died. Thousands of children and women have died.

Not allowing food, water, medicine and fuel has caused hundreds more to die.

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What is the source for the 7000 fighters?

How easily are you lied to?

Hamas is continuously trying to commit genocide against Israel.

Do you accept or deny that statement of fact made by Hamas?


Maybe no repression by Israel no attack by Hamas? I dunno, I hear there are issues on both sides.


Everyone is in the wrong except for a few brave souls who stayed in Israel when the Jews took over and became Israeli citizens instead of bigoted fighters. Arab society had wronged the Jewish populations for centuries. The Sephardic Jews and to a degree the Ashkenazi Jews needed the nation of Israel.

As far as naysayers in the West full of crap. Even the Arabs have a respect for Israel.

The loudest naysayer here wants slaughter in Ukraine against the Russians.

What does all this crap about Israel and Gaza have to do with Truth Social? We have other threads for that.


Like it or not we are in a world war. It is only on simmer. The Russians and Truth Social are pushing it.

They both represent mankind’s insanity.

With very little success because they do not have the huge US weapons, tanks, bombers, and heavily weaponized army. Furthermore, Hamas is not blocking food, water, medicine and fuel from coming into Israel. Hamas is not destroying 70% of the buildings in Israel and forcing millions of Israelis to relocate. Hamas is not killing and injuring thousands of Israelis. Therefore, Hamas is not committing genocide, but Israel is committing genocide.

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Do you want to reverse the script? You would not be alone.