Trying to be an independent investor

I’m trying to learn to invest independently in growth stocks away from following other people’s advice and tips. I read the Knowledge Base and several of the very valuable posts on this board but I realized that it’s probably written for people with some experience investing, who know a lot of the basic analysis. Before giving up and investing in an index fund like most people, I’m reaching out to see if there are other resources, books, sites that offer a more basic or detailed approach for novices to learn being independent growth investors who can make their own informed decisions rather than follow experts like many of those on this board. Reading and interpreting the quarterly earnings reports is rather intimidating for people who don’t understand the complex details. Apologies if this OT.



I felt the same way when I found this board. I had been investing over the years but had made many mistakes and did not see that great of a return. I joined MF Rule Breakers and started to fill a portfolio with their recommendations which was better than what I was doing before. When I found Saul’s board I had about 30 stocks most of which I had little idea of them as a company other than what RB had posted. I read the knowledge base (several times!) and felt like I was reading greek. Every morning I would get up and read every single message here and began to understand what was being said. I started a sticky note of abbreviations that I could refer to when needed. (GAAP, nonGAAP etc) Then I reread the knowledge base… and understood a bit more . rinse repeat. When I figured out what I wanted to do … which was pare down to 8-10 of my highest convictions I started selling off the low conviction ones to re allocate.
And then I read the knowledge base yet again.
I cannot tell you how thankful I am to all the posters here who dive deep and share their thinking to help the rest of us to learn how to asses for ourselves. I am now down to 12 with 3 on the chop list. My portfolio for 2020 so far is well over 100%… I just pulled some out to pay a bill and I am already over what it was before I did that.
Hang in there. read. listen. read some more and you will eventually understand what it is all about.
If this is off topic I am not offended if it is removed. That is one of the things I most appreciate… not having to wade through a bunch of drivel every morning.


Hi Ash,

I understand where you are coming from. When I first started investing on my own about 12 years back I felt completely lossed. While I am no expert by any measure, I have defintely become comfortable with terms and commonly used ratios in the investing world. I can only say, read, read and read. Don’t give up. Its like most other things in life, if you want te become better, it requires time and effort.

Below I put a few titles of some books that have helped me:

The intelligent investor by Benjamin Graham
This book is not about growth investing but more about how think as an investor/part business owner

One Up On Wall Street By Peter Lynch
basic introduction into growth investing

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits By Philip Fisher
Classic book on growth investing

Rule #1 by Phil Town
Don’t use this strategy, but this book gives you a very clear introduction and explanation about the various investing terms and growth rates and tells you how to calculate these things and where to find information on-line. Good book if you are new to investing.

100 to 1 in the Stock Market By Thomas Phelps
The data in this book is a bitT of date but this is a classic book about growth investing so I still recommend this book.

100 Baggers by Christopher Mayer
Describes common traits of fast growing companies

Finally, I found reading anything about Charlie Munger super helpful. One is very bright and has a way of putting things in a way that it is very easy to understand.

Good luck on your investing journey.