$TSLA: 3 Tesla Models In Top 5 of Fastest Depreciating Autos

Values of the popular electric cars are in a tailspin as experts blame rising electric prices and swathes of new models arriving seriously damaging prices.

The Model 3 is the worst-performing electric car, according to industry used car pricing experts Cap HPI, losing some 23 per cent or £9,900 in the last year alone.

In a table of the worst-depreciating electric cars, Teslas take up three of the top five spots.

That growing community of $TSLAQ posters has a couple of new auto dealers and auto dealers’ accountants commenting on the inventory build at Tesla. Way ahead of the curve on this news from the same articel:

The fall in Tesla used prices has accelerated in the latter months of 2022 and has continued into the new year.

While electric cars in general have been badly hit in the used market, dropping significantly more than petrol and diesel vehicles, it’s Tesla owners that have been feeling the pain.

In the last three months alone the Model 3 has dropped 15 per cent, while the Model S (8.9 per cent) and Model X (four per cent) have also seen values tumble during that period.

Alert! There are thousands of Tesla fanbois on Twitter claiming the China protests at Tesla showrooms are Chinese people flocking to showrooms to buy a Tesla. These are desperate people and horrible traders. Few of them have ever looked at a 10-Q for any company.

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If looking at the changes in the last year, isn’t the starting point where the prices were ridiculously inflated?


Hmmm … good point!

In particular, it would be interesting to compare how much Tesla prices were inflated back then compared to other brands. I have a vague memory that they were particularly inflated, perhaps because there is a wait list to get a new one, in which case it would obviously have farther to fall.


**Musk had better come to his senses soon before the fanbois elsehwere revolt like emboldend Chinese:

Nobody beat Musk over the head to kill $TSLA and pi$$ off Liberals who once supported him. Now the right is angry too about shrinking margins, while fanboi analysts make more preposterous predictions NOT build on any solid forensic accounting.

I saw more predictions such as 20 Million cars sold by 2030, $TSLA will be a $5 Trillion market cap by 2020.

I don’t know when, but Twitter is no longer that useful a tool for traders. The best folk have already pulled up stakes and ceded ground to the worst people. I’m not long for this, just seeing if Musk is good to his word and quits micro-managing a social media he has destroyed and now the car company which he did not found

The FSD lawsuits might be might be the fourth-corner and fourth-quarter Coffin nail for the stock rebound, unless Musk turns this over to a new CEO.

Come on, Elon, the world is studying your every moves now and no one is picking on you. You simply can’t remember you lies any longer: