$TSLA: Deustchland's KBA Investigaes Autopil

$TSLA Charts added to my tweet show the Daily close last Friday was below the 200 EMA.

Tesla hasn’t fallen as much as other tech dominated companies since November.


Regulators in Deustchland’s KBA (similar to our @NHTSAgov) now scrutinizing Tesla’s Level II driver assist autopilot - which only uses cameras and does not employ lidar or radar.

$TSLA Daily, Weekly, and Monthly charts. Closed 18 FEB 22 below the 200 EMA on the daily.

Tesla has profits, but a very high PE. New plants can double production. Assuming those vehicles sell, profits should rise significantly. But high PE implies that growth is already factored in. Big growth in share price seems unlikely.

What will Elon come up with next? He has lots of good ideas. Perhaps there are another dozen rabbits up his sleeve.