TTD Jeff Green interview with Recode Media

I don’t think this was posted here last month. I finally listened to it. Most of the information is known. But he’s a good talker, good story teller.

For example Jeff Green continues to paint the picture that Connected TV will be big, TTD is neutral with ad agencies and content publishers, eventually Netflix goes to ads, customers should choose TTD ahead of Google, Facebook, Amazon instead of other way around when allocating advertising dollars, the large TAM of digital ads, …

But new things I liked:

  1. he talked more about the history of digital advertising, and specifically his journey to TTD
  2. he’s been living in China (Hong Kong) all this year? to get closer to China deals ??…

So explain the China connection.

… but also partner with Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent at exactly the same time.

In 2018 there’s a lot of saber-rattling between China and the U.S. Does that factor into sort of how you think that might go? Do you see a point where maybe you can’t do business in China? You’re based in Southern California.

Yeah, so I moved to Hong Kong in March of this year.

Oh, really?

I’ve lived in Asia for the last six months, and it’s all about the opportunity in Asia. So during that time, we announced partnerships with Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent. We just announced our partnership with Tencent publicly earlier this week, and that includes all their video assets and things like iQiyi.